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προγραμματα εκμαθησης ξενων γλωσσων

The Marconi University Language Centre provides a wide range of courses and services for all faculties and programs. We offer courses in 6 languages for personal, professional and academic purposes at various levels to prospective and current students. We also offer an online intensive "Italian for Foreigners" course, a program that helps non-native speakers learn Italian in the blink of an eye! The Centre is responsible for the development of the language course contents and for the multimedia supports. The Centre consists of the following multimedia language learning facilities which serve all of our students:

  • Self-learning audio-video laboratory
  • Self-learning language laboratory
  • Self-learning computer laboratory
  • Seminars rooms
  • Projection room
  • Cabins for simultaneous interpretation
  • Fully-equipped classrooms
  • Recording studio

Language courses offered:

  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Italian for Foreigners

According to the Common European Framework of References for Languages Marconi language courses provide competences in Listening, Reading, Spoken Interaction and Production and Writing embracing the six identified proficiency levels: 

Basic User

A1 Breakthrough

A2 Waystage

Indipendent User

B1 Threshold

B2 Vantage

Proficient User

C1 Effective
Operational Proficiency

C2 Mastery

In order to integrate and complete students' language learning path, Marconi University also offers its electronic European Language Portfolio accredited by the Council of Europe in 2011. The European Language Portfolio is a tool in which those who are learning or have learned a language, whether in a formal or an informal context, can record and reflect on their language learning and intercultural experiences.

It is a powerful instrument to encourage and support autonomous language learning, monitor and assess one's own progress and set learning strategies and objectives according to one's individual needs. Marconi's e-ELP is freely accessible to all students enrolled in any language course the university provides.

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